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Welcome to Portland Yoga

Kate Dessommes Yoga teacher 

Join me for traditional
Hatha yoga classes,
rooted in the earth and stretching up to the sky. 
Tuesday and Thursday at 6 35 pm
Sunday prenatal at 3 pm and gentle yoga at 4
Classes are located inside the SWCC 
6820 SW 45th, Portland, Or 97219
Thursday at 10 am at Mt Scott CC
Adaptive Yoga (Y4A)

5530 SE 72nd, Portland, Or 97206
Yoga Warriors for Veterans 
Saturday at 10 15
sponsored by Barhyte Foods free to all veterans
Juanita Pohl Center
8515 SW Tualatin Road,
Tualatin, Oregon 97062

Portland Yoga Specializes in Yoga for Seniors, Amputees, and Veterans.  Awarness of the breath and sensations in the body are utilized to facilitate healing and release deep stress in the body.

Portland Yoga’s mission is to bring authentic yoga teachings to the people of Portland.  Guiding you in a  full spectrum of yoga instruction, including stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques, designed to help guide you to develop a full yoga practice.  Portland Yoga offers classes for Seniors, Veterans and people who have experienced an amputation, along with traditional yoga classes.   Portland Yoga is affiliated with Yoga Warriors, a US Army studied proven helpful yoga, for veterans with post traumatic stress and Yoga for Amputees (founded by Marsha Danzig an amputee herself).  Teachers are trained in alignment based (Iyengar/Donna Farhi lineage) hatha yoga, as well as Duke University developed Yoga for Seniors (Kimberly Carson), Yoga Warriors technique (Lucy Cimini) and Yoga for Amputees (Marsha Danzig). 

Portland Yoga is available all over the Portland metro area as well as in Vancouver.  

Public and private yoga classes are offered to help students with MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, balance, organ transplants and aging as wells as post traumatic stress, Adhd and depression. We offer classes for children and family’s as well as classes for people well into their 80’s and 90’s.

Portland Yoga in the Southwest Community Center in Gabriel Park and at Mt Scott Community Center.
503 804 9094

Portland Parks and Recreation

Southwest Community Center
6820 SW 45th Ave and Vermont
Portland, OR 97219

Mt Scott Community Center
 5530 SE 72nd Ave,
 Portland, OR 97206

Metta practice and instruction held daily at https://www.facebook.com/katedessommes
Marsha Therese Danzig founder of Y4A

Let us help you learn to relax with the help of restorative yoga and gentle breathing techniques that are accessible for any person at any level.

Are you curious about what people experience when they are taking my classes? 

"I have been taking Yoga for more than four years. Over that time, I've probably had more than 10 different Yoga instructors. I can wholeheartedly say without a doubt, Kate Dessommes is the most compassionate instructor I have had. She goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable in every pose and if you're not she alters your position or gives you more support to make sure you are. Because of that I always look forward to going to a Yoga class that Kate is teaching. I come away feeling like I got the very best out of the Yoga session." 
Janice Salvador Veteran Sp4. (Specialist 4) stationed in Germany. 
Yoga Warriors and Conestoga Yoga 

"Being a former combat Marine with a Purple Heart (2 tours, Vietnam), I have issues. The Yoga class is teaching me how to relax, with proper breathing and exertion it is making my body feel good. A win-win for me! The class is giving me a sense of well being, body, mind and spirit."

Ken Clendenin

Yoga Warriors Saturday at 10:15 am Juanita Pohl


"I feel better because you seen me yesterday....a quote.... I do have less stress with the yoga and have been sleeping better. I was in the Navy (1965-1969)... 3 tour of duty in country.... I do have PTSD with what I have been thru.... You are great with us Vets."

Bob Harper

Yoga Warrior, Restorative Yoga Monday's at 6:15 pm and Chair Yoga Monday and Wednesday at 11 am.  Juanita Pohl and Van Radyn


"Total relaxation and deep breathing, feels so cleansing, instructor makes it a safe place to let go of stress"

Claudia Sterling Restorative Yoga Monday's at 6:15 Van Radyn 


"I just want to share with you that when I came to class today my legs hurt so much I could hardly sit comfortably for the class.  About an hour after class I was out running errands and realized I wasn't hurting and could get in and out of the car and walk so much easier than this morning.  I'm home now and did some chores and can sit and stand without a problem."
Susan Noack Chair Yoga Monday and Wednesday at 11am Juanita Pohl

"Kate is a true healer to all.  Through her yoga practice, she teaches the power of movement from the inside out with an open heart and mind, as all movement practice should be"  

Ahndine Mason Gentle Yoga Sunday at 4 SWCC  


"I've tried a yoga class in the past but found that the instructors didn't understand my unique issues with a prosthetic leg.   The Yoga for Amputees class has been a great experience for me and I have found that I really enjoy doing yoga. Kate is a great instructor and will find a way to make it work with whatever limitations you have."

Karen Hayes Y4A Yoga Union (moved to SWCC and the Quarry)


Come and find out for yourself how good you feel after yoga.  It helped me and it can help you too. 

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